May 25, 2006

This has been taken from the brilliant English translation of Shaykh ul
Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Khandelwi's ( may Allah have mercy on
him) book Virtues of Salah un Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم . This book along with Mufti
Muhammad Ameens book Aab e Kautar are a must for every Sunni home.


1. Bestow your generous attention , O Seal of the
Prophets, For greatly bereaved is the world since your
demise, O Rasul of Allah صلي الله عليه و سلم
2. You who are indeed last of the Messengers and their
seal. How can you ignore us when drowned in
wretchedness and ill fortune as we are ?

3. Through your evergreen freshness , O dearest one ,
grace know this world, and from your restful sleep
awake, to fill us with guiding light.

4. Lift now your countenance from within your Yemeni
shroud, for your blessed face is the very life and
light of day.

5. Turn for us the darkness of our sorrowful night
into the blessed light of day , and crown for us our
day with successful accomplishments.

6. And now do don your fragrant smelling garments ,
and on your head the white turban do place.

7. Let your dark and precious locks of hair hang down
, that their shade fall upon your blessed feet

8. Wrap your feet in your shoes from mountainous Ta'if
and make their straps bind our souls to you.

9. This entire universe desires to be spread out for
your feet, and sincerely wishes for the honour that
you tread upon her.

10. Com forth from your sepulchre into the Nabawi
Masjid , that we may kiss and lay our heads on the
dust under your feet where you tread.

11. O Rasul صلي الله عليه و سلم  , grant refuge and help for the needy
and console the hearts of those filled with love for

12. Sinners we are, drowned in the sea of our
iniquity. Yet great is the thirst of our endeavour to
follow your way.

13. You are the rain cloud of mercy and your
generosity demands that succour be granted to the
thirsty seeker in search of you.

14. How wonderful would be that day when to your abode
I shall come and blacken my eyes with the dust of
Medina. ( may the Lord hasten that day of my arrival
in Medina, to refresh my eyes with the dust of Medina.

15. How wonderful would be that day, when after
prayers of thanks, prostration of thanks, my soul I
shall fly midst the holy sepulchre ?

16. When in loving madness, cheering heart and
overflowing yearning, I shall walk near your blessed
grave and the Green Dome.

17. How glorious that day when from the clouds of my
eyes, raindrops of tears shall sprinkle upon the
threshold of your haram and your blessed grave.

18. When in joyful bliss I shall feel blessed to sweep
away the dust of your Haram and in ecstasy to remove
all dust from around you.

19. Though dust be hurtful to the eyes, yet your dust
be a light and cure for me, and though litter be of no
benefit to wounds, to me the litter of Medina shall be
a perfect cure for the ills of my heart.

20. To your honoured mimbar shall I go and rubbing
thereon my face , gone pale of love for you, that
golden it shall become.

21. Then to your musallah and the niche to stand in
prayer fulfilling my hearts desires, and standing
where you did stand, wash your footsteps in streams of
my blood.

22. Then to every pillar of your Mosque to stand in
utmost humbleness. Begging of Allah the faith and rank
of the Siddiq.

23. Indeed will the great hopes and desires of my
heart, in extreme pleasure cause every candle on earth
to glow more brightly.

24. And though my body does not appear in your
presence yet, grateful am I to Allah, that my soul is
there for me

25. O Prophet of Allah صلي الله عليه و سلم  , frustrated have I
become, dejected of my selfishness. Help this helpless
soul and turn to him your look of favour.

26. If your loving kindness be not showered upon us,
paralysis would overtake us and vanquished shall we

27. Our ill-fate has turned us from Allah's path of
righteousness. Pray to him on our behalf for complete

28. ( This dua was then said ) O Allah , firstly grant
us true faith in a good fruitful life. And guide us,
Allah to a steadfast following in the deen

29. And that when the terror of Qiyaamat we meet, the
Lord of the day of reckoning shall save us therefrom
in honour and dignity

30. And that in spite of our numerous heinous sins,
Allah shall grant Muhammad صلي الله عليه و سلم  to intercede for us,
for without it we are lost

31. and that you shall arrive on the plain of
reckoning , while we, encircled by our sins , look on
as you shall bend your head in prayer, calling out , "
Forgive my people, Allah forgive them".

32. And may through your glorious efforts and the
blessings of the holy ones, this Jami also be included
amongst the accepted and pardoned ones. Aameen



  1. Shahid Fazal Says:

    this is Amazing!……may Allah increase manifold the love for Sayyiduna RasulAllah in our hearts….ameen

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