The Gnostic of Siyal’s Ode ‘Nayyar-e A’zam’ (The Greatest Luminary) in Praise of Sayyiduna Mustafa صلي الله عليه و سلم

July 5, 2006

The following Ode was taken from the Al Karam Quarterly, Issue 22 (July-September 2006) an excellent edition in memory of the Gnostic of Siyal Shareef, Shaykh ul Islam, Khawaja Muhammad Qamar ad-Din Siayalwi (rahmatullah alayh). A detailed biography of the Gnostic of Siyal by his Murid and Khalifa Sayyidi Diya’ al Ummah Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al Azhari (rahmatullah alayh) is also included in the magazine.


The Ode is written in Persian/Arabic. When I read the Ode to a dear friend who has studied Persian (as part of his Dars e Nizami Course) he stated that it is quite difficult to appreciate the subtle nuances in a translation.




An jumla rusul hadi bar haq kayh guzashtand;

Bar fadlay tu ay Khatmay rusul dadah gawahi.


All of the Prophets and Messengers of truth who have passed before us;

O the Seal of Prophets and Messengers! All of them testified to your Grandeur and Eminence.




Dar khalq wa dar khulq tu’i Nayyar-e A’zam;

La tudrak awsafuka lam tudrakamahi.


In terms of Khalq and Khulq, beauty and personality, you are alike the sun, you are the Greatest Luminary;

Neither can your qualities and praiseworthy characteristics be encompassed nor can their true reality and nature be understood.




Ya Ahsan, Ya Ajmal, Ya Akmal, Ya Akram;

Wa’llahu bi akhlaqika fi’l-mala’ yubahi.


O the Most Beautiful! O the Most Magnificent! O the Most Perfect! O the Most Generous;

In the gatherings of the Angels, Allah (Most High) takes pride over your etiquettes, manners and mode of conduct.




Tu ba’ith takwin ma’ashi wa ma’adi;

Ay ‘abd ilah hast muslim batu shahi.


O Messenger of Allah! You are the cause and reason behind the creation of the Dunya and the Akhira, this world and the next;

O the Chosen Servant of Allah! You have been granted the Sovereignty of Both Worlds.




‘Alam bahu darayt az hawsh barafta;

Ahu shuda dar yam wa bashira shuda mahi.


The entire world is astonished, intoxicated and befuddled in your love and devotion;

The deer are alike jumping into the Oceans and the fish are alike running in the deserts!




Zay afaq paridi wa zay aflak guzashti;

Darajatuka fi’s-sidrati ghayr al-mutanahi.


You soared above the horizons and went far beyond the Skies;

Your station and standards went much further beyond the Sidrat al-muntaha, the point beyond which not even the archangel Jibra’il can transcend.




Umid bi karamat kayh makarim shaym tust;

Man kaystam wa chayst ma’asi wa tabahi.


I am hopeful of your benevolence and generosity, and being benevolent and generous are amongst your most liked and best habits;

In front of such courtesy, what is the essence of my reality, and what value and significance do my sins entail?




A’is naym az fadl tu ay Ruhi khuda wand;

Nazray kayh rubayd zay Qamar ranj wa siyahi.


O the Mercy of Allah! I do not despair of your favour and benevolence;

Glance just once towards me in such a manner that rids Qamar ad-Din distress, anguish and ignominy.



Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘alaa Sayyidina Muhammad
Wa Durratil akwaan
Al-Haadiri ma’a man salla ‘alayhi fee kulli zamaan wa makaan
Wa ‘alaa aalihi wa sahbihi wa tabi’eehim bi-ihsaan


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