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Salawat & Qasaaid

September 30, 2006


Tribute – Al-Hajjah Farizah Rabbat Umm Ibrahim Al-Yaqoubi Al-Hassani (RA)

September 24, 2006

Sister Asra Adiba’s tribute to Umm Ibrahim [Rahmatullahi Alaiha].

Sayyiduna Imam Shafi Radiya Allah ‘anhu

September 21, 2006

âlun nabiyyi dharî`atî

wa humû ilayhi wasîlatî

arjû bihim u`uTâ ghadin

bi yadil yamîni SaHîfati

The progeny of the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم are my means [to salvation]

And they are my intercessors

I hope on the morrow, that I shall be given, on their account

My deed-book in my right hand.

attributed to Sayyiduna Imam Shafi Radiya Allah ‘anhu


I am the Slave of the Lovers of the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم

September 20, 2006

I am the slave of the lovers of the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم,

Neither a Kharijite nor a misled Shi’ite am I;

I am the bondsman of Abu Bakr, ‘Umar and ‘Uthman,

And I travel upon the path of ‘Ali, God’s saint

Esrar Dede (d.1797)


The Qasida al-Khamriyya (The Wine Ode)

September 20, 2006

The Qasida al-Khamriyya (The Wine Ode)

Bismi’llahi ‘Rahmani ‘r-Rahim.

Love gave me the goblets of union to drink,

Saqanil bubbu kaasatil wasaali

so I said to my wine: “Come here toward me!”

fa qultu li-khamrati nahwi ta ‘aali

It came running and walking toward me in tumblers,

Sa’ at wa-mashat li-nahwi fe ku ‘uwsin

so I experienced ecstasy in my drunkenness among the Masters.

fa-himtu bi-sakrati bai-nal-mawaali

I said to all the Cardinal Poles: ” Assemble

fa-qultu li-saa-i-ril Aqtabi lummu

at my tavern, and enter, for you are my men!

Bi-haali wad-khulu antum rijaali

Experience ecstasy, and drink, you are my soldiers!’

wa hummu wash-rabu wa antum januwdi

So the cupbearer of the [Lord’s] people

was quick to bring me sufficient supply.

fa saaqil qawmi bil wafe malali

You drank what I had left over after I got drunk,

Sharub-tum fad-lati mim ba’di suk-ri

but you did not reach my exaltation and my state of connection.

wala nil-tum ‘u-luwwi watti saali

High is your station, each and all, and yet

muqaa mukumul ‘ ulaa jam-awwa- lakin

my station is above you, higher still.

maaqami fawqa-kum maa-zaliali

In the presence of nearness I am on my own;

ana fe hadra tit-taqree-bi wahdi

the Lord of Majesty disposes of me, and He is enough for me!

yu-sar-rif-ni wahasbi Dhul-halali

I am the grey falcon of every Shaikh.

anal baziyyu ashhabu kulli Shaikhin

and who among men has received the same as I!

wa man dha fir-rijaalu’-ti mithali

He clad me in a robe in honor’s style,

kasaa-ni khil’atam bitaraa zi-‘az-min

and crowned me with perfection’s crowns.

wa-tawwaj-ni bateeja nil-kamali

He made me aware of an ancient secret,

wa-atla’-ne ‘ala sirrin qadee-min

invested me with rank and gave me all I asked.

wa qallada-ne wa a’taa-ne su-ali

He has appointed me over all the Cardinal Poles,

wa walla ne ‘alal aqtabi jam’an

so my decision is effective in every case.

fahak-mi naa-fidhun fe kulli-hali

Were I to cast my innermost being into the oceans

fa-law alqai-tu sirri fe bi-haarin

they would all become a depression in the void.

lasaa-ral kullu ghaw-ran fiz-zawali

Were I to cast my innermost being upon the mountains,

wa-law alqai-tu sirri fe ji-baalin

they would be leveled low and disappear among the sands.

la-dukkat wakh-tafat bai-nar-rimalii

Were I to cast my innermost being upon a fire,

wa-law alqai-tu sirri fawqa na-rin

it would die out and be extinguished by the secret of my state.

la-khamidat wan-tafat min sirri haali

Were I to cast my innermost being upon a corpse,

wa-law alqai-tu sirri fawqa mai-tin

it would rise up through the power of the Lord and walk for me.

la-qaama bi-qudratil mawla ta’aa-li

Neither months nor long ages of time

wa ma-minha shuhu-ran aw duhuw-ran

pass and go by without my getting news.

tamur-ru wa tan-qadee illa ata-nee

They inform me of what is to come and to happen, and let me know

wa tukh-biru ne bima yati wa yaj-ri

when to cease from debate.

wa tu’limu -nee fa-aqsiran jidali

My disciple, experience ecstasy, have fun, relax, sing,

muridee him wa tib wash tah wa-‘anni

do what you will, for the name is a high one.

wa if-’al ma-tashaa uw fil-ismu ‘aa-li

My disciple, do not fear! Allah, my Lord,

muridee lata-khaf Allahu rabbi

has given me eminence; I have attained the heights.

a-ta-ne fir’atan nal-tul manali

Drums sounded in heaven and on the earth,

Tabu-ne fis-sama-ai wal ardi duqqat

and the sergeant of bliss appeared to me.

wa shaa uw sus-sa’aadati qad-bada-li

The lands of Allah are my kingdom under my rule, and my time

bila-dullahi mulki tahta hukme

before my transformation has been happy for me.

wa wati qabla qalbi qad sifaa-li

I looked upon all the cities of Allah together

nazartu ila bila-dillahi jam’an

as a mere mustard,seed compared to my connection [with Him].

ka-kharda-latin ‘ala ukmitti sa-li

I studied knowledge till I became a Cardinal Pole,

darastu la-’ilma hatta sartu qutban

and gained felicity from the Lord of lords.

wa naltus-sa’da min mawlal mawa-li

My men are fasting in the midday heat,

ri-jaali fe hawa jiri him siya-mun

like pearls in the darkness of the night.

wa fe zul-milla-yali kullu-lali **

Every saint has a precedent, and I

wa kullu wa-liy-lahu qadamuw-wa inni

am in the footstep of the Prophet, the full moon of perfection.

ala qadamin-nabi badril kamali

A Makkan Hijazi Hashimi Prophet

nabiyyun hashmi shami makki hijazi

is my ancestor by whom I obtained friends/followers.**

huwa jaddi bihi nil tul mawa-li

Who is like me among the awliya’ of Allah

fa-min fe awliya Allahi mithli

and like me in knowledge and action. **

wa man fil-‘alimi wat-tas-reefi hali

My disciple, do not fear a traitor,

Mureedi lata-khaf washin fa-inni

for I am a resolute slayer in the fray.

‘azu-mun qati-lun ‘indal qata-li

I am al-Jili Muhyi’d-din is my name,

anal-Jiliyu Muh-yid-dini ismi

and my banners are on the mountain peaks.

wa a’lami ‘ala raasil jibali

I am al-Hasani and the inner chamber is my station,

Anal-hasaniyyu wal makh-d’a maqami

and my feet are on the necks of men.

wa aqdami ‘ala ‘unu-qir-rijali

Well am I known by the name of ‘ Abd al-Qadir,

wa Abdul-qadiril mashhuru ismi

and my forefather is the very master of perfection.

wa jaddi sahibul ‘ainil kama1.


Ya Sayyidi Ghawth al-‘aadham Madad


Ya RasulAllah Ya Ahlal Wafaa صلي الله عليه و سلم

September 7, 2006

The following is from “The Key to Arriving at The Door of The Messenger” by Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Alawi, Volume 2.
Published by Dar al Hawa 2006 Damascus.
This delightful publication was recently presented as a gift, SubhanAllah, from a lover of Mustafa SallAllahu alaihi wasallam. Please remember the giver, the author, all mentioned in this book, all involved in the publishing, the recipient and our Beloved Messenger, SallAllahu alaihi wasallam in your Du’a. May Allah Ta’ala make us all worthy to receive the key to enable us to arrive at his SallAllahu alaihi wasallam door. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

Qasidia: Ya Rasul Allah Ya Ahl al-Wafaa.

O Messenger of Allah, the one who fulfills trusts, by Qutb u’l Irshad Sayyiduna Imam al-Habib ‘Abdallah ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad RahmatuLlah alaihi.

Imam al-Haddad’s famous poem was written during a drought at the end of the month of Jumada al-Ula in 1192AH. In it he seeks the intercession of the Messenger of Allah SallAllahu alaihi wasallam, and by his SallAllahu alaihi wasallam blessing, Allah Ta’ala sent rain. The Imam said: “If one has need, then they should recite it with the intention of fulfilling their need, for surely it will be granted, if Allah, Exalted be He, wills. Before reciting the Qasida begin with the recitation of Surah Ya Sin.”

He, RahmatuLlah alaihi would recite this Qasida every night, in times of drought, and continue to do so until there was relief; thereafter he would recite

“O Mercy of Allah visit me, and honour us with your presence and heal my people who are living in constriction and difficulty.”

And he would say: “I have experienced the receiving of rain and received more of that which precedes it; hidden mercy.”

O Messenger of Allah, the one who fulfills trusts,

O one of great character, O ocean of purity.


You are, after Allah, the blessing that is inspired for

And a refuge O chosen one, O Mustafa,


O seal of the messengers, O best of mankind,

O the one who is swift in help, come to those who have fallen into error.


Your guilty servant, who has incurred sins

By distractions and turning away.


And had thrown him into the oceans of grief,

Its waves rise up from every direction.


He comes to you, fleeing from his sins

And from the era that has aggrieved.


And from the period in which states have changed

In which, one’s direction is seized.


And from the suffering that has destroyed

And from the sorrow that has surrounded.


And the tribulations and the worries from

Which there is no relief except for your care and sufficiency.


So help me with an aid that is swift,

And to see me, O the most noble of the noble.


See to my faults and rectify me,

And aid me, O Imam of those who declare the Oneness of Allah,


And protect me of everything that I should be cautious of

In livelihood and for the Hereafter, that is near.


And solicit ar-Rahman for me and my needs

That have burdened the soul.


You are the door to Allah, from whom the hopeful ones receive,

And there is protection for the one who stands by it


You are the rope of Allah, for those to hold fast,

Who are victorious with blessings and promises fulfilled.


O messenger of Allah, O sun of guidance,

By you, every harm is removed.


O messenger of Allah, O ocean of generosity

Every kind of generosity from you is known.


O messenger of Allah, (by whom) barrenness, drought

And distress on the earth is removed.


O messenger of Allah, the excessiveness has destroyed

The feeble ones, the abstinent and the poor.


The years of emaciation have destroyed them

They are all seeking therein a cure.


Amongst them, the affluent and the rich,

Were extremely miserly, reprehensible and bad.


Their miserliness did not invite them to spend

In the way of Allah, a donation that remains.


So the needy ones remained,

Like fish in a sea that has become dry.


The One Who determined all of this

Deterred from them due to the excessive sins.


So seek forgiveness for them O my master

Your Lord, the All-Compassionate is more generous

To the one who is free from sins.


Pray to Him that He may send down rain for them,

And for their forgetfulness of Him.


And that the people love righteously in it

Thanking Allah openly and in secret.


Intercede O Messenger of Allah for

Relief from this distress, until He removes it.

As you have an exalted rank with Him

And you have immense and encompassing glory.


Lord, be kind to us by the honour of Mustafa

Send us rain, as we are weak.


We have disobeyed, pardon us

And accept from one who is guilty and confesses.


Remove the barrenness from the earth

Together with the sins and the injustice that has intensified.


Give victory to the religion and guide its people

And the people of authority.


O Generous, O Bountiful and Glorious

O Merciful, O Kind, favour us.


O Knower, O Forbearing and Excellent

O Compassionate, Whose compassion is known.


The One Who gives most generously, and favours,

Who is known for this and is described by it.


May the blessings of Allah encompass Ahmad

The one for whom the fire of idolatry and disbelieve has been



Together with the peace of Allah and His blessings

May it also be upon his noble and honourable family,


And the Companions and their followers, forever.


May You spread from it a sweet and gentle breeze which cures and

Relieves a diseased heart.



Transliteration of one of the Salutations of Imam ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Alawi Al-Haddad RahmatuLlah alaihi on the photograph of Rowdha Shareef:
Alluhumma Salli ‘alaa Sayyidna Muhammad wa ‘alaa Aali Sayyidna Muhammad ‘adada kulli dharRatin alfi marRatin.
Translation: O Allah send blessings upon our master Muhammad and upon the descendants of our master Muhammad by the number of each atom a thousand times.


All good is from Allah Ta’ala whereas mistakes are from this humble speck. May Allah Ta’ala Bless all readers, bringing you all closer to Him and His Rasul SallAllahu alaihi wasallam. Ameen.


Taken from the excellent blog


Allah Bless the sister and her efforts Ameen


Poem Dedicated to al-Imam Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili Radiya Allah ‘anhu

September 5, 2006

Dedicated to al-Imam Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili Radiya Allah ‘anhu

By Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

This is a rough translation of the poem that I wrote yesterday (14th Aug.) on the way to the shrine of al-Imam Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili, may Allah be satisfied with him and may He allow us to benefit from his secrets and knowledge. The shrine is on the old hajj road in the southern part of Egypt five hour drive from Luxur through a town called Idfu. We were five – four people accompanied me from Cairo. When we were few hours away from the shrine, I found the words coming on my mouth so I jotted them down. When we arrived, I recited the poem before him in the blessed maqam where his presence was felt and it was overwhelming. I spent sometime making du’a for many people and I mentioned most of my student by name. The song in Arabic is written after the pattern of the famous song (ya imam rusli yaa sanadi).

Poem follows below…

The Qutb of all Qutbs throughout times is Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili; An Ocean of Secrets and an Imam of Guidance For whom the soul is the least price.

He led to the Master and climbed
in virtue to highest peaks
And brought in this discipline what
Made it more august than all branches.

Knowing Allah is his End,
So follow him through this path
And the Messenger of Allah is his Means
So, stick to his Sunnas.

The foundation of his way is built
On the Purification of the Heart from all stains So, journey with the Single Name O, You, Sufi! And seek assistance from Allah.

Be absent, and annihilate from all beings, as No one remains save he who is annihilated in Him; And enter the doors of the Unseen and ask Whatever you want, but guard the secrets

Drink the glass of Gnosis and taste
The Secret of Tawheed and be not
Make due the love for the men of Allah
And the love for the Imam of all of them Abul Hasan

Stick yourself to the pure thresholds
If you come to Humaithara, where is the home And in ‘Aydhaab stop and sink your cheeks in the soil And put your soul in the grave and a guarantee

Be thankful to Allah and pray on
Taha in secret and in public
And on Ahlul bayt all,
O friend and give salutations while you humble yourself

The son of al-Yaqoubi has come with
No claims, dressed only in the cloths of his coffin So, turn to him O my master And to all of us with your bounties

taken from


Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi in Indonesia

September 5, 2006


Asma al-Husna

September 4, 2006

Sidi Abdul Hakim Murad on the Asma al-Husna