Manaqib Ashab al-Badriyyin

October 6, 2006

An excellent site, May Allah reward the people behind it, Ameen.

Manaqib Ashab al-Badriyyin” is a compilation that rhythmically chants the virtues and exploits of the noble Companions (Allah be well pleased with them) of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) who took part in the battle of Badr. It is widely read in the Far East, Sri Lanka and South India on the 17th of Ramadan and at other times.

Traditionally, the battle of Badr was commemorated on the night of the 17th of Ramadan in the Muslim lands by recollecting the favours of Allah on that elect group of souls, singing their noble praises, reciting their blessed names and making ardent supplications to Allah, the Exalted, by using them as a means.

At a time when the Ummah is in need of much Divine Mercy and Blessing, it is our hearfelt wish that the commemoration of the battle of Badr is revived. The remembrance of Allah’s favours imbues tranquility to fearful hearts and strengthens the resolve of believing minds.

The Manaqib is a text that effects the above traits. It begins with Surahs and Ayahs from the Qur’an and a short Du’a. This is followed by a series of Hikayats and Qasidas praising the Companions of Badr and the benefits their blessed names accrue by the leave of Allah. Thereafter, their names are recited and used as Waseela in the Du’a made to Allah.

This website has the complete Manaqib in Arabic for download. An English translation of the kitab is also presented for the benefit of readers. Finally, a traditional South Indian rendition of the Qasidas have been included to introduce this flavour of recital to Muslims in the West.

May Allah give us the Tawfiq to recite the Manaqib and accrue the many benefits associated with it. May He cause us to rise up in the company of the blessed Companions of Badr who will be uniting again under the banner of the seal of the Prophets (Allah bless him and give him peace) on the Day of Reckoning.


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