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Sheb-i Arus – Urs

July 27, 2007


Found by a Sufi from the land of the Rumi of Kashmir.



Poem by Habib Umar

July 11, 2007

Praise to Allah owner of great provisions who honours & supports us

rememberence of the apostle is medicine cure for all ills who loves(rasool Allah) all sadness dissolves.

my lord by the pure one (arrasool )light of darkness grant us worthy provisions

so we attain always purity & perfect tranquility (within)the tight fortress of Ahmed(rasoolAllah)

on him Allah’s mercy and peace forever always whenever the one with lust (spiritual)achieves his desire.

and on his kin and companions (mercy & peace)the noble guides especially the door of medina (seyyidina Ali r.A.a)

and the part of the apostle (seyyida fatima) i have placed with her the lock of a hidden treasure

by her we achieved our requests and goals and our situation became good

and her offspring (aal-ulbeit) those of great nobility by them we achieve firm faith