Saif ul Malook

September 18, 2007

This is a Sufi book of verse written in Panjabi by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Qadri, an arif billah of the 19th century, from Kashmir, extremely popular in the whole of Panjab. It is a spiritual masterpiece of Sufism like Mawlana’s Diwan or Masnavi.

Here is a sample of some of his most famous verses with my transliteration and translation:

Awwal hamd sanaa Ilaahi
Jo maalik har har daa
Uss da naam chataaran waala
Har maidaan na har daa

First, all praise is for Allah
Who is the Lord of all
He who recites his Name
Never will lose in any field!

Mard Allah day sirr e Ilaahi
Ay kooii bhaid niraala
Ikko nazroon saaf banaway
Mera murshid damree waala

(Real) Men are the Divine Secret
This is a strange mystery
With one gaze he can purify—
My Spiritual Guide the Damri Wala

Har mushkil dee kunjii yaaro
Hath mardaan day aayii
Mard nigaah karan jis vialay
Mushkil raway na kaarii

The key to every difficulty
Is in the hands of such men
When they look at you just once
Difficulties no longer exist!

Vah kareem Ummat da waali
Mehr shifaat kardaa
Jibrail jiehay jisday chaakar
Nabiyaan da Sarkar da

Bravo O you gracious protector of your Ummah
A sun which intercedes
The likes of Gabriel are his servants
-The Chief of all the Prophets!

Nur Muhammad roshan aaha
Aadam jaddoon na hoya
Awwal aakhir doway paasay
Oho mal khalooiya!

The Light of Muhammad shone
When Adam was still uncreated
Both stations of First and Last
He alone occupies alone!

[This refers to the Sunni belief that the Prophet was the first creation of Allah and the hadith of the Prophet, “O’ Jabir, the first thing Allah created was the noor of your Prophet” and the hadith, “I was a Prophet whilst Adam was still between water and clay” and many others support this; the verse also alludes to these hadith. The Prophet was thus the first to be created of the Prophets and the last to be sent.]

Isa khaak unhaan day dar dee
Gin tayammam kardaa
Taiheen dast e mubarak usadaa
Shaafii har zarrar daa

Jesus takes the dust from his doorstep
And makes his ablutions with it
That is why his blessed hand was
Able to heal all the sick!

Kee kuchh naat tussadee aakhaan
Khalqat day sardaara
Laakh salaat salaam teray tay
Laakh durood hazaaraa

How can I laud you?
O Best of all Creation!
Millions of blessings upon you!
Billions of salutations upon you!

Sukhan nahin koii hunda mehkee
Terii shaan qadr daa
Taha tay Yasin Ilaahi
Sift tusaadee kardaa

I have no words of praise
Commensurate with your status
“Ta Ha” and “Ya Sin” The Lord
Calls you with these qualities!

Bahut izzat lawlaakii tehnoo
Kii main sift sunaawaa
Aal Ashaab samait salaama
Hor durood puchaavaa

”But for thee” is enough praise for thee
Which qualities of thine can I add?
Millions of blessings be upon you
And upon your Progeny and Companions!

(This refers to the hadith qudsi, “Lawlaka lawlaka maa khalaqatul aflaka” and “Lawlaka lawlaka maa khalaqtul duniya” (But for thee (O Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) I would not have created the heavens) and in the second version “..the world”.)

Aal Awlaad terii daa mangtaa
Main kangaal ziyaanii
Pao khair Muhammad taiin
Sadaqa Shah i Jilani!

I am a mendicant of your descendents
I am penniless and sinful
Give me some charity
For the sake of Shah Jilani!

(Shah Jilani i.e. Shaykh Abd al Qadir al Jilani al Baghdadi, founder of the Qadiri Sufi Order and the greatest of the awliya by consensus after the Salaf till the coming of the Mahdi alayhisalam.)

Wah wah meeraaN Shah e Shahaan daa
Sayyid Do Jahanii
Ghaus ul Azam Pir piraaN daa
Hai Mahboob e Rabbani!

Bravo O Chieftain, King of kings
Master of Both the worlds
Ghaus ul Azam is the saint of saints
And the Beloved of The Lord!

(Ghaus ul Azam: (Arabic: al-Ghawth al-‘Azam: The Greatest Succour: another title for Shaykh Abd al Qadir al Jilani.)

Rehmat da miinh paa khudaaya
baad sukaa kar hariya
booTa aas umeed meri da
Karde mevay bhariya

Send a rain of mercy O’ Lord
Make the land verdant after being parched
Cause the plant of my hopes and desires
To become fruitful again.

MiTta maiva bakhsh jiya
Qudrat dee rakh shirin
jo khaavay ro usdaa jaaway
door hovay dil geeree

Give me such sweet fruits
Place natural sweetness in them
So that whoever eats thereof, his anger vanishes
And his sorrowness departs!

Lakh varii jay itr gulabon
Toiiyay nit zabaanaa
Naam unhaa day laaiq nahin
Ki kalimay da kaana

If you wash your tongue a thousand times
With the attar of roses
It is still not worthy to say His name
What then of the Kalima?

Main neevan mera murshid uccha
Te main ucchiyaa day sang laii
Sadaqa jaavaan unhaan ucchiyaa taaii
Jinhaa neviyaan naal nibhaaii

I am lowly my spiritual guide is high
And I have linked my end to the high ones
May I die for such lofty ones
Who have protected the lowly ones! __________________


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