Hadrat `Abdul Hakim Sharaf Qadri(rahmatullah alayh)

September 21, 2007

Hadrat `Abdul Hakim Sharaf Qadri(rahmatullah alayh)Tribute by ‘Allama ‘Abdu’l Mubeen Numani Qadri translated by Abu Hanzala


One Response to “Hadrat `Abdul Hakim Sharaf Qadri(rahmatullah alayh)”

  1. Asad Ahmed Qadri Says:

    Al-Salamu ‘Alaykum,

    My name is Asad Ahmed Qadri and I am a scholar of ma’qulat, currently professor of Islamic Studies in the US, and descended from scholars of the Maktab-i Khayrabad. I recently had the pleasure of reading ‘Allama ‘Abd al-Hakim’s introduction and commentary on the *Mirqat* and thought to find out more about him. I was very sorry to learn of his passing away (inna li-llahi wa-inna ilayhi raji’un!). In his introduction to this wonderful commentary, ‘Allama mentions Mawlana ‘Ata Allah, a leading scholar of the Khayrabadi tradition, and the Dar al-‘Ulum Mazhariyya in Sargodha, Pakistan. And I have also seen posts mentioning ‘Allama’s students and madaris with which he was associated. I was wondering if anyone can give me contact information on people who might be worth contacting regarding remnants of the Khayrabadi tradition in South Asia. I am interested in texts, archival material, scholars, and institutions of interest. This is for a book I am writing on the ma’quli tradition in South Asia.

    Could you kindly write to me at: aahmed@wustl.edu

    Jazaka ‘llahu khayran!

    Dr. Asad Ahmed Qadri

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