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Ideological Apostasy

January 3, 2009

An excellent and thought provoking article by the young and upcoming scholar and journalist; Maulana Khushtar Nurani. The Maulana is the Editor of the much acclaimed religious periodical Jaam e Noor, founded by the paternal grandfather of Maulana the acclaimed scholar, writer and orator Allama Arshad al-Qadri (rahmatullah alayh)

“Fikr e ‘arab ko de ke farangi takhayyulat,

Islam ko Hijaz o Yemen se nikal do,

Woh faqah kash ke mawt se darta nahin dhara,

Ruh e Muhammadi uske badan se nikal do.”


“Conferring Western ideas, to Arabian thought,

From Hijaz and Yemen: Islam extract,

That famished who, of death is not afraid,

Spirit of Muhammad صلي الله عليه و سلم, from his body extract.”

Muhammad Iqbal (rahmatullah alayh)