Traditional Dars e Nizāmī Books

November 1, 2012

From the excellent blog of Shaykh abu Hasan (Allah ta’ala increase him, Ameen)

Traditional Dars e Nizāmī Books

The following books are commonly used in almost all traditional madrasahs in the Indo-Pak subcontinent spanning an 8 – 11 year course.  Older editions like the Bulaq or Indian prints are hosted locally and are listed under Local Downloads; newer editions of these books are avoided due to potential copyright issues; but they can still be found on and other sites. Link to the PDF and the page are listed under External Links. If the PDF link does not work, please navigate to the page (and if it exists) download it from there. Many of these books have multiple editions; I have linked those editions which are the easiest (among the PDFs I have) for students to read. In sha Allah, I will add descriptions of each book (accessed by clicking the name of the book) on a separate page which will also include further more editions of the book and links to manuscripts, if any. wa billahi’t tawfiq.


1. Some universities suggest ‘Additional Reading’ and these books are in grey colour.

2. Numbers after PDF indicate volume numbers; thus, PDF: 1 2 has links to vol.1 and vol.2 of the same book.

3. Alphabets indicate different versions of the book; PDF: A, B are two different editions of the same book.

4. Some works are too short (a few pages) to be separate books and are usually printed together with a commentary; in such cases, the PDFs are those of commentaries.

5. Please use the contact page or mail to inform us about omissions, errors, corrections or suggestions.

6. Please write to for any copyright issues



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